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Cold Appetizers

Flavoury Goat Cheese Cream, Eggplant Cream,

Coriander-seasoned Tomato Tartar
with fresh-roasted Garlic Bread

2,800 ,-

Grilled Eggplant with cold “Lecsó” (Hungarian Ratatouille)

and Garlic-seasoned Bread Crisp

2,800 ,-

Duck Rilette with fresh crispy Radish

and Red Onion Jam

2,800 ,-

Tartare Beefsteak 1913

3,600 ,-


Cold Sour Cherry Soup

1,700 ,-

Piquant Cold Cream Soup

of Heirloom Tomato and Kapia Pepper

2,100 ,-

Good Hungarian Beef Broth

with Meat, Vegetables and home-made Pasta

1,500 ,-

Fisherman’s Soup

with Fish Roe and Toast

2,800 ,-

Asparagus Cream Soup with Crispy Short Pastry

2,100 ,-

Goulash Soup

hot Green Bell Pepper and Fresh Bread

2,100 ,-

Hot Appetizers

Pork Belly Confit

with Cabbage Salad and crispy Bread

2,500 ,-

Grilled Camembert on Salad Bed

with luke-warm, roasted Vegetables

2,500 ,-

Pan-fried Goose Liver

with home-made Milk-loaf and Apples grilled on Butter

3,900 ,-

Crepe á la Hortobágy

Traditional Savoury Pancake filled with Paprika Chicken Stew

2,500 ,-

Dishes from Meat

Tenderloin of Beef with flavoury Forest Mushrooms and Napkin Dumpling

6,600 ,-

Veal Goulash with Duck Crackling-enriched Cottage Cheese Pasta

4,200 ,-

Pork Steak (200 g)

with Rosemary Potatoes and mixed Salad with creamy White Cheese

4,800 ,-

Paprika Chicken with home-made Egg Barley enriched with Ewe Cheese and Sour Cream

and home-made Egg Barley with Sour Cream

3,900 ,-

Crispy Drumstick of Duck

with Bavarian Cabbage, Parsleyed baked Potatoes and Rosemary-seasoned Gravy

4,900 ,-

Dishes from Fish

Golden-brown Shrimp

with Remoulade Sauce  and bitter-sweet Salad

5,300 ,-

Salmon sautéed in Herbs with creamy Citrus Bavette

4,900 ,-

Dishes without Meat

Grilled Forest Mushrooms with Paprika-seasoned Tagliatelle

with Goat Cheese-enriched Potato Noodles

3,900 ,-

Grilled Millet Cake

with melting Ewe-cheese and fresh Salad

3,500 ,-

Cottage Cheese Pasta with Sour Cream

and sweet home-made Paprika Powder
(can be served with bacon as well)

2,500 ,-

Salad and Pickles

Salads and Pickles

Hungarian Cucumber Salad
Tomato Salad
Mixed pickled Vegetables
Mixed Salad Platter
Dressings (Balsamic Cream, Lemon-Olive Vinaigrette, Herbed Mayonnaise, Roasted Garlic Cream)

790 ,-


Forest Fruit Trifle

990 ,-

White Chocolate-mascarpone Roll

990 ,-

Nutella-chocolate Slice

990 ,-

Pistachio-raspberry Slice

990 ,-

Walnut Pancake with Chocolate Sauce

990 ,-

Owl’s Castle Strudel Selection

990 ,-